About 4DMEDIAPLAYER for iPad | Adult Festa


2D / 3DVR / +1D ( VR+1D ) Player for viewing any video format.

Support +1D (device linking, chapters, multilingual subtitles, etc.).

Supports live streaming and in-player video download functions.

Get 4DMEDIAPLAYER for iPad on the App Store! Get 4DMEDIAPLAYER for iPad on the App Store!

About Update

Please update the latest version from the app store, as older versions are not supported by automatic updates.

If this does not work, please delete the app and install the latest version from the app store.

How to use

Please connect to Wi-Fi before use. Be sure to connect to Wi-Fi before use; the recommended Wi-Fi speed is 20-25Mbps.

Free space is required for application use and video playback. Please organize your data folders and applications before use.

STEP1 ) First time users need to register.

To use the player, please register as a member.

STEP2 ) Install the Player

This player can be installed on App Store.

STEP3 ) Login to the Player

Launch the app and select "Login" on the left side.

Please log in using the [ User ID ] and [ Password ] when you registered as a member.

About User ID sharing

If you have used a user ID with a dedicated device such as DPVR-4D / SKYWORTH-4D or a dedicated player such as D-PLAYER / Dimension Player, please register the player when you start 4DMEDIAPLAYER.

STEP4 ) Let's watch the video.

Please select the item you wish to use.

Select the [ Thumbnail ] of the video you want to watch to see the details.

For Live / Trial Video

・You can watch it from [ PLAY ].

If you are gonna watch a purchased video

・You can choose either [ PLAY ] or [ DOWNLOAD ].

・If you select [ DOWNLOAD ], you can check the download status of the file at any time in the DL Center.

*If the video does not play properly, please clear the cache from the settings.

Differences in resolution by playback method

The standard playback method of 4DMEDIAPLAYER is streaming playback.

Please note that streaming video may have a coarser quality than local video and may cause delays depending on the communication environment.

If you want to enjoy the video in high quality without any delay, please download it from the video details in the player and play it locally.

About Protect Video

If you are offline and want to use protected videos from the local video section, please read the following before using them.

Videos that are currently labeled "+1D Player Only" and "Dimension Player Only" are protected videos.

If the video does not load properly, please check the following two items

  1. You will need to log in and register as a player in order to remove the protection even for local playback.
  2. Please note that the unprotecting process requires more space than the file size.

About Linkage Function

Supported Linkage Goods : ROCKET+1D, CYCLONE SA / SA+, PISTON SA, U.F.O. SA

*To use Bluetooth, you need to grant Bluetooth and location permissions to the player.

How to use the Linkage Devices

  1. Turn on the linkage devices and wait for the lamp to turn white.
  2. Select "Settings" from the menu on the left side of the player.
  3. Select "Bluetooth" from the right side of the Settings screen.
  4. When the name of the device is displayed on the screen and the lamp of the linkage device turns blue, the connection is complete.

Check the linkage goods.

About Local Playback / Download Function

About Local Playback

In 4DMEDIAPLAYER, you can use file download within the player from the purchased video.

To transfer files from your computer, you need to transfer them from iTunes to File Sharing for iPhone, or from Windows to the Movies folder for Android.

Transfer files between iPhone and your computer

About Download

You can check the status of your file downloads at any time at the DL Center.

If there are multiple files, they will all be downloaded at once. If you want to finish in the middle of the download, please stop the download and release it.

About DL Center

In the DL Center, you can check the download status of video files, delete them, and re-download them.

If you want to re-download or delete a file

  1. Select [ Operation ] in the upper right corner.
  2. Select the video you want to operate.
  3. Select [ DL again ] or [ Delete ] in the lower right corner to execute.

If you want to stop downloading:Tap the download meter to stop it.

If you want to stop downloading multiple files:Uncheck the automatic download box.

If you want to launch the player while you are offline

If you want to use the software without an internet connection, select "Local Video" in the upper right corner of the startup screen.

Local video allows you to watch videos stored on the device itself.

Recommended specs

  1. iPad ( 5th generation ) or higher
  2. iPad Air ( 3rd generation ) or higher
  3. iPad mini ( 5th generation ) or higher
  4. iPad Pro Series

About player functions

Home Screen

Home Screen

1Login / Logout
You can link or disconnect your L-Point account information.
2Unlimited Streaming in stores
No login is required, and you can use it by connecting to the Wi-Fi of the store where the unlimited streaming is available.
3Trial Video
It is free of charge.
4Local Video
You can use the videos downloaded from the player.
5DL Center
You can check the download status, delete and re-download.

You can use Bluetooth connection, cache clearing, update, etc.

*To use Bluetooth, you need to grant Bluetooth and location permissions to the player.

You can use live streaming service.
8Unlimited Streaming of Adult Festa
You can use live streaming service.
You can use the unlimited streaming that you have subscribed to at AdultFesta.

The videos that you have added to your favorites in AdultFesta will be displayed.

*If you have purchased the video, you can also play it here


You can narrow down the search results and use other functions.

Type: Video Type / Sort / Maker / Genre / Linkage / Actor / VR Photo Album / Subtitle Function

12VR / 2D switching
You can switch between VR videos and 2D videos.
13QR Code

You can download the video using the QR code or URL.

*In order to use QR codes, the player must be granted camera privileges.

*URL/code entry may not be supported depending on the site you are using.

You can use keyword search.



Bluetooth connectivity is available here.

*To use Bluetooth, you need to grant Bluetooth and location permissions to the player.

2Cash Clear
Please use it if you encounter problems in obtaining video information, etc.
3Privacy Policy
This page describes the privacy policy and other information about the application.
4App Guide
This section provides a brief description of the player's features and functions.

You can check the current version.

You can also launch the app store from here to update.

Use this option to unlink your L-Point account from the player.
Local Video

Local Video

You can check the current location ( hierarchy ) of the folder.
The available folders will be displayed.
3( All / Video/ VR Photo Album ) Switch button
You can switch the display of files saved in the main unit to videos or VR photo collections.
4Hide Folder
Use this when you don't want the folder to be visible.
You can delete folders and unnecessary files in the player.
Video Details

Video Details

1Related Videos
Related works will be displayed.
2Close the details screen.
Use this option when you want to exit the detail screen.
You can check the sample images set for the video.
4Included function
The video information will be displayed as an icon.
5Detail Information
The title of the work, release date, video time, performers, and introduction will be displayed.
6Playback Function
You can play or download videos ( supported titles only ).

About the attached functions ( icons )

2K resolution or higher / 2D
2K resolution or lower / 2D
Equivalent to 2K resolution / VR
Equivalent to 2K resolution / 30fps / VR
Equivalent to 2K resolution / 60fps / VR
High resolution / 60fps / VR
Live streaming / VR,2D supported
Playback screen

Playback screen

Back to list screen.
2Brightness Control
You can control screen brightness.
3Volume Control
You can control volume.
4Playback Function

You can play, pause, go back, suspend, and recenter.

[ ] Return to the start of playback ( 00:00:00 )

[ ] Resets the display position of the video.

5Thumbnails by Part

You can move scenes by selecting thumbnails.

*Only split videos will be displayed as thumbnails by part.

*Depending on the time of sale, thumbnails by part may not be supported.

6Seek Bar
You can change the playback position by tapping on the seek bar or moving the marker.
7Viewpoint operation switching ( sensor / swipe )
You can change the sensor-based viewpoint control to a swipe-based control.
8Subtitle Function
Subtitles will be displayed only for supported videos. If you don't need them, please turn them off.
9Linkage Function

Bluetooth and location information can be used to connect to supported devices.

*To use Bluetooth, the player needs to be authorized for Bluetooth and location information.

10Zoom Function
During both playback and pause, you can zoom in on the video by simply swiping with two fingers.