Items to prepare

1)When viewing VR Videos on PC, please prepare the following items.

-PC that meets recommended environment (The recommended environment is indicated at the bottom.)
-Oculus Rift or HTC Vive

2)When viewing VR Videos on Smart phone, please prepare the following items.

-Smartphone headsets for VR

If you are ready please proceed to the following "membership registration".

Memmber Registration (No Charge)

Sample videos on this site may be viewed without Member Registration,
but in order to purchase videos or receive support you must register.

Click here for how to become an L-POINT Member.
Click here to reset your password.

Those who have finished membership registration, please proceed to "Installing dedicated player" below.

Installing a dedicated VR player

1)When watching VR Videos on PC Please install D-Player from "D-Player explanation page" below.

-D-Player description page.

2)When watching VR Videos on SmartPhone Please install Dimension Player from "D-Player explanation page" below.

-Dimension Player for iPhone
-Dimension Player for android

Those who have finished installing the dedicated player, please proceed to "VR Videos Play Check" below.

VR Videos Play Check

Please visit the official sample page of Adult festa VR and download the official sample VR Video.
Please confirm whether VR Video is played normally under user's environment.

1)For PC users

Click "for PC", the official sample Video will be downloaded.
Please check if the official sample Video is played with D-Player.

2)For Smaptphone users

Click "Smartphone", the QR code will be displayed.
When you load QR code with Dimension Player, the official sample Video will be downloaded.
Please check if official sample Video is played with Dimension Media Player.

Those who have successfully played official sample Video can also play other VR Videos on the Adult Festa VR
Please enjoy VR Videos sold at adult festa VR and free sample Videos for Smartphone.

How to Purchase Videos

Adult Festa VR is a site where you can purchase VR videos from a variety of studios.
Videos may be purchased by using L-POINT.
You must be a registered member of L-POINT to make purchases using L-POINT.

L-POINT Membership is also needed to verify LPEG.
Membership registration is simple, please become a member.

Procedure for Purchasing L-POINTs
 After login to L-POINT, go to the Product Page and click "Purchase with Points" button,  and proceed to Authorization.
 After clicking the above "Purchase with Points" button, a confirmation page will be displayed,
 showing Product Name, Price, and Point Balance.
 If correct, click on AUTHORIZE button, and points will be deducted from your account.
 Please note that 1pt=1yen, so if you do not have more points
 than the purchase price you cannot make the purchase.

For use with smartphones

There is a way to read the QR code with smartphone from the Adult festa VR PC site (this site) when downloading after purchasing the video with smartphone.

1) How to scan QR code on Adult festa website(PC version) to download contents
 1-1) Install Dimension Player on your smartphone,
 1-2) Access the Adult fest VR website for PC with your PC, then go to the introduction page of your purchased item to display the QR code.
 1-3)Launch Dimension Player on your smartphone, then scan the QR code to start downloading.

*For easy access to your purchased items, browse your purchase history on our website.
*Please follow the instruction of Dimension Player for scanning QR codes.
*Please click here to refer device compatibility of each file.

How to purchase L-POINT

Follow the instructions.
 After login to L-POINT, enter the members-only section from the top-right link.
 On the right side of the member's page, there is a button for purchasing points. From here, select your desired payment methods from credit card.

About playing our movies.

Most of our movies for PC are avi files that are encrypted by the new codec called LPEG*
D-Player is the only software available for playback, for comfortable usage.
Our contents are compatible with +1D format, which enables footage to sync with compatible gadgets.
Currently, we distribute LPEG coded along with D-PLAYER.
Please click here for the details.
As described above, to view VR movies, you need D-PLAYER AND either Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

About our fixed-rate Unlimited Streaming service(2,980 Japanese Yen per month).


To register our fixed-rate service, you need to register L-POINT membership(free of charge).
Subscribe to our fixed-rate service after login to L-POINT. Currently, using credit cards is the only available payment method.

How to view our contents

From the item's webpage on fixed-rate service, click the title, then scan the displayed QR code for viewing.
To stream the list of available items online, download DimensionPlayer on your device(PC, smartphones, GearVR, or OculusGO), login to your fixed-rate account, then tap on "fixed-rate" tab. You may watch VR or 2D movies, with extra features such as chapter selections and/or gadget-syncing, as much as you want.
Toggle VR or 2D mode from the tab on the top-right corner of your player for viewing.

We recommend that you have access to the internet with 15Mbps bandwidth or faster.
You need a corresponding head mounting display for viewing VR contents.

Recommended environment

D-Player for PC

For viewing our VR footages, you need the computer with the following recommendation or better.
If your computer does not meet our recommendations, you may not be able to use our services.

1.CPU: Core i5 or better, equivalent.
2.Memory: 8GB or more(16GB or more is better).
3.1024x768 screen resolution.
4.GPU: GeForce 960 or later(GeForce 970 or later is better. Exclude Models for mobile use.)
5. OS: Windows 8/ Windows 8.1/Windows10/. Windows 7 or earlier may result in unexpected errors.
*Not compatible with Macintosh OS(You may use BOOTCAMP)
*Windows 8 or later is recommended.
*DirectX11 or later must be installed in your system.
*To download files above 4GB in size, your computer's hard drive(the location to save your files) must NOT be formatted in FAT32.
*Windows Vista or earlier is not recommended since OculusRift is not officially supported.
6. Internet browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or above.
*Cookies and JavaScript must be enabled on your browser.
7. Internet bandwidth: 2Mbps or faster.
8. The media player:D-PLAYER
9.OculusRift or HTC Vive(more HMDs will be compatible soon)
*The version of Oculus Runtime must be above 1.3(commercial version).
To playback 4K Takumi videos.
CPU: 7th gen processor, equivalent or later. Please check your computer specifications.

Also, if you use OculusGo / GearVR images, you can view them on Oculus Go / GearVR. Similarly, if you use a smartphone video, you can also view it on a smartphone.

DimensionPlayer for PC

-Specifications required for online streaming our free items, purchased items, or fixed-rate services.

Minimum required specifications.
1.CPU: Intel Core i5-7500 or above.
2.Memory: 8GB or more.
3.OS: Windows10 64bit.
4.Screen resolution: 1280x720(High Definition).
5.Internet speed: 15 to 20Mbps.
*For VR contents.
6.GPU: GTX 1060 6GB

Recommended specifications
1.CPU: Intel Core i5-8500 or faster.
2.Memory: 16GB or more.
3.OS: WIndows10 64bit
4.Screen resolution:1280x720 to 1920x1080(above HD standard)
5. Internet speed: 15 to 20Mbps or faster.
*For VR contents.
6.GPU: GTX 1060 or better.

Specifications needed to be met for viewing 4K movies on your local device.
1.CPU: Intel Core i5-8500 or faster.
2.Memory: 16GB or more.
3.OS: WIndows10 64bit
4.Screen resolution:3840x2160 or more.
5. Internet speed: 15 to 20Mbps or faster.
*For VR contents.
6.GPU: GTX 1070 or better.

6.OS: /Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows 10
Microsoft does not support* Windows XP, Vista, and 7. We no longer have a developing and/or testing environment for those OS either.
*Not compatible with Macintosh OS(You may use BOOTCAMP).
Internet browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or above.
*ActiveX control must be enabled.
*cookies and JavaScripts must be enabled.

Windows cannot decode H.264 and H.265 codecs by default. Users may need to install decoders such as LAV Filters by themselves.
Please refer to this Website for LAV Filters. It is free of charge.
These codec packs do not guarantee your computer to be compatible with our contents.
Generally speaking, unless Windows provides appropriate codecs, you cannot playback our contents.
You may need to configure your media player application's settings to prioritize the right codec for viewing our contents normally.
From the below link, download and launch Win7DSFilterTweaker and check the "configure default decoder" section to set the H.264 and H.265 codecs to LAV Filters for your "Preferred decoders."
About Win7DSFilterTweaker(free of charge); To playback a content, you must have enough storage space as much as the size of the content you are about to see.

I cannot launch my player.
Your computer must have enough storage space when you launch the app.

Recommended environment for DimensionPlayer for smartphones.

*To playback a content, you must have enough storage space as much as the size of the content you are about to see.

Minimum specifications.
1. Android 6.0 or above/ iPhone7 or newer(iOS10 or later)
2.Screen resolution:1920x1080 or higher.
3.Internet speed:15 to 20Mbps or faster.
*You need a head mount display for viewing VR contents.

For viewing 4K videos.
*Android 8.0 or later/ iPhone7 or newer(iOS12 or later) : About Galaxy phone: 9 or above (Android 8.0 or later is recommended).

About iPhones.
We are aware that some 4K movies cannot be played back locally with DimensionPlayer. The problem is due to the specifications of the codecs used on iPhones, and we cannot guarantee other company's software to operate as we intend. If you cannot view your desired 4K video, please view video files designed for smartphones.

*About Android
You may transfer 4K videos from PC to your Android device to watch them locally.