Items to prepare

1)When viewing VR Videos on PC, please prepare the following items.

-PC that meets recommended environment (The recommended environment is indicated at the bottom.)
-Oculus Rift or HTC Vive

2)When viewing VR Videos on Smart phone, please prepare the following items.

-Smartphone headsets for VR

If you are ready please proceed to the following "membership registration".

Memmber Registration (No Charge)

Sample videos on this site may be viewed without Member Registration,
but in order to purchase videos or receive support you must register.

Click here for how to become an L-POINT Member.
Click here to reset your password.

Those who have finished membership registration, please proceed to "Installing dedicated player" below.

Installing a dedicated VR player

1)When watching VR Videos on PC Please install D-Player from "D-Player explanation page" below.

-D-Player description page.

2)When watching VR Videos on SmartPhone Please install VRX Media Player from "D-Player explanation page" below.

-VRX Media Player for iPhone
-VRX Media Player for android

Those who have finished installing the dedicated player, please proceed to "VR Videos Play Check" below.

VR Videos Play Check

Please visit the official sample page of Adult festa VR and download the official sample VR Video.
Please confirm whether VR Video is played normally under user's environment.

1)For PC users

Click "for PC", the official sample Video will be downloaded.
Please check if the official sample Video is played with D-Player.
2)For Smaptphone users

Click "Smartphone", the QR code will be displayed.
When you load QR code with VRX Media Player, the official sample Video will be downloaded.
Please check if official sample Video is played with VRX Media Player.

Those who have successfully played official sample Video can also play other VR Videos on the Adult Festa VR
Please enjoy VR Videos sold at adult festa VR and free sample Videos for Smartphone.

How to Purchase Videos

Adult Festa VR is a site where you can purchase VR videos from a variety of studios.
Videos may be purchased by using L-POINT.
You must be a registered member of L-POINT to make purchases using L-POINT.

L-POINT Membership is also needed to verify LPEG.
Membership registration is simple, please become a member.

Procedure for Purchasing L-POINTs
 After login to L-POINT, go to the Product Page and click "Purchase with Points" button,  and proceed to Authorization.
 After clicking the above "Purchase with Points" button, a confirmation page will be displayed,
 showing Product Name, Price, and Point Balance.
 If correct, click on AUTHORIZE button, and points will be deducted from your account.
 Please note that 1pt=1yen, so if you do not have more points
 than the purchase price you cannot make the purchase.

About using on a smartphone

Please read QR code to download Video by Smart Phone, after purchase the Video
For VR players, please use here.

A smartphone compatible model for high resolution version of Videos.(Galaxy S6・Galaxy S6 Edge)
For other smartphones please use the normal resolution version. Please read here for QR code loading.

Playing Videos

Videos on this site employ new *LPEG Codec.
To insure smooth usage, D-PLAYER must be installed.
We distribute LPEG and D-PLAYER together.
Please click here for details.

Recommended System Specifications

The following PC system requirements are necessary to view VR Videos from this site.
System Specifications lower than Recommended System Specifications may not run some functions.

1. CPU Core i5(or compatible) or higher
2. Memory: 8GB or higher (16GB or higher recommended)
3. Resolution: 1024×768 or higher
4. GeForce 700 Series or higher, (GeForce 900 Series recommended)
5.OS Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows10 (Unexpected trouble may occur in Windows 7.)
* Macintosh not supported (please use BOOTCAMP)
*Windows 8 or later recommended
*Required DirectX 11 transfer
*For Windows before Vista it is not supported.
6. Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, or higherbr /> * Cookies and JavaScript ON
7. Network Speed: 2Mbps or higher
8. Player: D-PLAYER
9.Oculus Rift
*Oculus Runtime currently supports the product version of Ver. 1.3 or later.

Following, view smartphone formatted videos on your smartphone.