[Super High-Resolution version] “I know that you've been staring at my tits!”



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02/15 2019

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  • I went on a business trip with my female boss who is married. And while we were drinking at a hotel, she started to give me lectures!<br /> Not only that she seems to be unhappy with her marriage and she starts to whine about her husband too!<br /> Gradually her yukata(Japanese traditional clothes) starts to get loose and her tits could be seen through gaps. My dick erected from seeing them and she noticed where I was watching. Then she says “I know that you've been staring at my tits!” and lean onto me! Maybe because she is drunk. Or maybe because of her unhappy marriage, she tries to get rid of all her stress with my body! She turns me on with so many kisses and keeps wanting my dick for creampie sex! We have recorded cuckolding of two of your female bosses. Directed by Taro Koara(Wa).<br /> <br /> Notes(1): Super High-Resolution version video files are compatible with viewers such as PC, OculusGO, GearVR, and PSVR.<br /> Notes(2): Super High-Resolution version video files are not compatible with DimensionPlayer and VRX. <br /> Notes(3): Super High-Resolution version video files are not compatible with interlocking signals, intelligent playback system nor chapter selections<br /> Notes(4): The movie files for PC and smartphones are compatible with DimensionPlayer.<br /> Notes(5): The movie files for PC and smartphones are not compatible with PSVR.<br /> <br /> *For details, please refer to “Compatible devices” sections of the FAQ.

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