[Super High-Resolution version] Stop the time with a wonderful watch! Stop the time to molest two girls at a time! Stop the nurse and the student completely! Hospital version & Girls' college version. Featuring Satori Fujinami and Mirai Haruka.

アダルトVR動画:【超高画質版】STOP!! 不思議な時計で時間停止!! 時を止めて気づかれずに2人同時に犯す!! ナース&女子校生 完全ストップ! 病院編&女子校編 藤波さとり はるかみらい


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07/24 2018

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  • Stop the time of Mirai Haruka and Satori Fujinami, featuring as a nurse in a hospital or as a student in a girls' college. This is the second installment of the series that stops time with a wonderful clock, that lasts for 150 minutes long. Be a patient at a hospital and stop the time while the nurse is attending you! Be a teacher at a girls' college and stop the time during detention! Rip their shirt off and creampie! Do whatever you like to do in a world which the time has stopped! Directed by Uzumaki Sasaki.

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