【4K匠】コスパ最強!!ハイクオリティー作品をノーカットで4本収録!! NTR 230分 SPECIAL ORGASM BEST!!

[4K Takumi] Most Cost-Efficient! 4 Uncut High-Quality Video in One Package, featuring 230 minutes of Cuckolding in the Special Orgasm Best!

  • Actor: 優梨まいな, Other
  • KMP
  • 3hr. 52min. 8sec.
  • 21/09/2021 00:00
  • Takumi
  • Linkage
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優梨まいな, 小鳥遊ももえ, 羽月希, 水咲結乃
Release Date
21/09/2021 00:00
3hr. 52min. 8sec.
Clip Show, Cuckold, Creampie, Young and Pretty
Frame Rate
File Size
4K [55.03GB] / 3K [38.64GB] / 2K [16.17GB]
File Function
Linkage Function, Smart playback, Chapter function (Click here to read about VR+1D)
Support Device
iPhone, Android, PC, Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, Gear VR, PlayStation VR, DPVR-4D, SKYWORTH-4D
Interlocking Goods
ROCKET+1D, A10PISTON SA, A10 CYCLONE SA (Click here to read about interlocking goods)
ピストン王子ピストン王子 ((What is D-JOCKEY?))
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Movie Introduction

The ultimate form of love and excitement is in cuckolding. Enjoy it for 230 minutes in 4 uncut videos featuring just that, but for the price of one! Enjoy the super-best that has a quadruple value of an ordinary porn video! This video has been shot in 4K 60fps, making it so much higher in quality than ordinary videos. Directed by K-taro.


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