I went to deliver a pizza and a slender beauty opened the door, she was having a hot pot alone and asked me to join her. After chatting with her for a while, we ended up having sex...Featuring Rena Aoi.

アダルトVR動画:【500円】宅配ピザを届けに行ったら、スレンダー美少女が一人鍋しているところだった!「一緒に食べませんか?」と誘われて、ずっと話を聞いていたら、セックスする流れになって・・・ あおいれな


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56m 41s
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11/08 2018

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  • I'm a pizza delivery guy. One day I went to a girl's house to deliver a pizza. She was eating a hot pot by her self and likes to chit-chat. She had a natural airhead character and invited me in. As I was listening to her recent worries for a long period of time, she had loosened her cautiousness. We have started talking about sex and started flirting. She asks me, "hey, I don't mind a one night stand, do you want to have sex?". My dick was already hardened! Its like, pennies from heaven! Who wouldn't take this chance! This is a part BZVR-011 "Pizza front line!! What if I was working at a pizza store, and the place I went for a pizza delivery happens to be the address of a girl who's locally famous of her beauty. Can I stop my lucky horny feeling...? Thank god I was working at a pizza store. Thank god I was working!! Good things happen when you work! A social contributions VR!".<br /> <br /> [This video is incompatible to intelligent playback system]

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