[Super High-Resolution version in 60 fps, volume discount special omnibus edition] Extra-Long VR, Hi-Fi and in 60fps! A plain looking girl in black hair, wearing glasses and a female teacher。Both are really erotic! In spider-like sex in cowgirl position and with vacuum-cleaner like blowjob, they will squeeze the semen out of a dick! A plain looking girl is so pretty once she takes her glasses off and she loves to be ejaculated inside! Featuring Momoka Kato, and Saki Mizumi.

アダルトVR動画:【超高画質60fps お買い得オムニバススペシャル!!】VR長尺超高画質60fps 一見真面目な黒髪でメガネの地味な「女子●生」と「女教師」は超エロい!!『スパイダー騎乗位』と『強烈なバキュームフェラ』で、男のチ●ポとザーメンを搾り取る!!チ●ポ大好きな地味な女はメガネをとったら、めちゃくちゃ可愛くて、生中出しが大好き!! 加藤ももか 美泉咲


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ピストン信号入力の神降臨! 温和で寡黙な彼だが 日々鍛錬された両指から発動されるスキルは アダフェス界NO.1と噂されている。


2h 10m 58s
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03/21 2019
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  • ■Introduction

  • Part 1. Momoka, a student.
    Experience having deep sex with Momoka Kato! Let's do homework with your classmate, Momoka, who look plain with her glasses on. She gradually gets close to you and breathes into your ears. Then she will take out a sex toy from her bag and starts masturbating! Your dick will inevitably erect to see it! In exchange for teaching her, she will serve you with her lips, then she will jerk you off with her legs and ass! Once you insert your dick into her pussy, the way her hips shake is so erotic that all of your sperm will be sucked out!

    Part 2. Ms.Saki, a teacher.
    Saki Mizumi will become a plain but a slut-like teacher! She will tell you to come to the phys ed warehouse. Apparently, her husband has run away from her because she looks too plain with her glasses on. Ms.Saki will show you masturbating, then she will lick all over you and forces your dick to erect using her feet and ass! She will tease your dick with her thighs until you are going to lose your control! Ejaculate into Ms.Saki's meaty pussy! This is dream-like sexual harassment! Directed by Taro Koara(Wa)

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