About recommended environment of PC

The operating environment on a PC is as follows.

1.CPU Core i5 or higher and compatible processor
2.Memory 8GB or more (16GB or more recommended)
3.Resolution 1024 x 768 or more
4.Required from GeForce 960 series (Recommended for GeForce 970 series or later, excluding for mobile)
5.OS Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows10(In Windows 7, unexpected problems may occur.)
※Macintosh not supported.(Please use BOOTCAMP)。
※Windows 8 or higher recommended

Regarding the 4K Master's Regeneration CPU: 7th generation processor recommended.
Please confirm the basic information of your PC.

What is Takumi, HQ?

Takumi Series = All new 4D-VR with 2x smoothness (60 fps), 2x or more image quality (3K resolution) and "Story playback". It is the ultimate VR video series.

 Please update D-Player to Ver2.1 or later when using it on a PC.
 Also, do not change the name of the downloaded file. Features such as interlocking will not be available.
 In addition, in Windows, the screen may become black and may not play well. In that case, please install free software LAV Filters etc. and try it.
 LAV Filters can be downloaded from here.(Basically free software:LAV Filters)
 In addition, the 3K and 4K versions for smartphone may not complete downloading on Android due to the capacity. In that case, please download it to your PC and copy it to the "Movies" folder on your smartphone.

"HQ" series = High-resolution VR series.

In addition, videos for smartphones of the HQ series have their own adjustments for VRX, and can be played only with VRX and DimensionPlayer.
If you can not play well with VRX, please try "Player Registration for Smartphone" from My Page.
If you can not play well with DimensionPlayer, please log out of DimensionPlayer once, and if you get logged in again and the player registration dialog appears, select Yes.
In addition, there is a model that can not be reproduced due to problems such as resolution. Please note.

I can not play mp4 videos on D-Player.

As Windows does not have a decoder for H.264 or H.265 in the initial state, it is necessary to install a decoder such as LAV Filters.
LAV Filters are introduced here, so please use this page as a reference.(Basically free software:LAV Filters)

Also, in rare cases, even if you have installed these codec packs, they may not be available on D-Player.
Because D-Player basically plays mp4 with the codec provided by Windows side, it can not play well if the codec that can be used properly from Windows side is not provided.
The priority of the codec is different for each PC due to the software installed in your PC, etc. It is necessary to change the setting to preferentially provide the one that can be usedSorry to trouble you, but download and start Win7DSFilterTweaker from the following page, set H.264, H.265 and mp4v items to the above LAV Filters from "Preferred decoders" referring to the "Set default decoder" item. Please try again later.
About Win7DSFilterTweaker(Basically free software:Win7DSFilterTweaker)

Q. How do I purchase?

You must become a Member to purchase videos on this Site.
Member Sign Up can be done from the New Member Sign Up Page.
Purchases can be made by first purchasing L-POINTs, which can be used to purchase videos.

L-POINT can be purchased via credit card on My Page.

Videos for sale are scrambled for copyright protection, you must install D-PLAYER to view.
Click on the button below to download D-PLAYER, and install.

*Please use the latest runtime when using OculusRift.
*When OculusRift and HTC Vive are connected to the PC at the same time, OculusRift takes precedence.
*VR VIdeos require PC specs due to resolution problems.Please make sure that it meets the minimum recommended OculusRift environment.
Oculus Rift Runtime here

After installation you must play the Account Verification Video on D-PLAYER, login through the page that opens from the information window.
Click on the button below to download the Account Verification Video, and play it with D-PLAYER.

If you do not use the above video, the first time you play a video after installation, an information window will be displayed, as described above,login in from that page.
Please note that if you do not login, purchased videos will have video and audio scrambled.
The data used to recognize your PC is generated automatically during installation of the D-PLAYER, it contains no personal information.

For use with smartphones, player registration is required to acquire Synchronization signal etc.
Please connect to "Register smartphone player" on My Page from the smartphone, and tap the button corresponding to your model and player. The player starts up and registration is done.
Be sure to confirm that the player has finished before registration.
Registration may fail if the player is running.

Q. I forgot my ID, password.

Q. I want to view on another PC...

LPEG plays only on registered PCs, but if you want to transfer viewing to another PC,
click on the video information window on the streaming video page, and make change on the PC Change Confirmation Page displayed,
After change, you can view on the new PC.
(However, this is limited to members only. Also, to change to a 3rd PC, you must wait at least 24 hours.)
Also, click on the link below to download a video, click on the information window to make the changes.

(*Only one PC can be registered at the same time and can be changed.)

Q.Images are not displayed straight at D-PLAYER

In the case of D-PLAYER The direction at the time of start is set as the front.
If you press the "R" key, the direction at that point will be reset as the front, so please try it.

Q.Is it not available on smartphones and mobile phones?

Please download Video by the QR code after purchasing the Video on the PC for downloading on the smartphone.
For players, please use here.
In addition, we recommend VRX Media player which can currently work with goods.
Please note that we are only compatible with VRX Media player for goods Synchronizing.
Also, to enjoy it as a VR Video, a gyro sensor is required, so please use it after confirming that it is a gyro sensor loaded model.

Please use the H.265 version of the movie on a model with H.265 compatible notation after checking the above smartphone compatible model or specifications.
For other smartphones please use the normal resolution version.
Please read here for QR code loading.

Q What if I change my smartphone model?

If you change the model of smartphone please login with smartphone you want to change model, please visit the player registration page for smartphone.

If you are using iPhone after using VRX (iPhone) before Launching, please Launch VRX (iPhone), and those using android click on VRX (android) to launch the VRX player.
Registration of the player will be done.
If you reload the registration page after the above procedure and the display content of "registered player" part changes, registration is successful.
Please re-download and purchase the purchased videos after confirming the registration change.

(*Only one smartphone can be registered at a time can be changed.)
(*At the moment VR Videos can be downloaded again at any time.)

Q.Download fails on smartphone (VRX).

It seems that there may be troubles, such as when downloading from QR code becomes unsuccessful, etc., such as when communication did not go well at the first startup after the installation was completed.
Sorry to trouble you, but please try uninstalling once, installing again, starting up and downloading etc. in a place with good communication status.
In addition, if you try the above model change procedure by tapping "Player registration cancellation" and trying after canceling registration, you can confirm by "whether registered player" is displayed or not.
If "Registered Player" is not displayed Since acquisition of player authentication information has failed, please uninstall the player once and then try the above model change procedure.

Q. How much to become a Member?

There is no charge for Membership Registration.
In order to purchase points, go to My Page after login.

Q. Video does not play

All videos on this site employ LPEG Content Protection Codec.
LPEG is currently being distributed for free with Video Player D-PLAYER.
Click here if you have not installed yet.

Also, streamed video may be viewed on GOM Player, WindowsMediaPlayer.
There are plans to increase compatible players.

However, these videos are for Windows 8,8.1,10.(Unexpected trouble may occur in Windows 7.)
They cannot be viewed on Mac OS or Unix OS etc.

If you can't play but the player is installed, the case might be that the PC is not registered. Click on the link below to download a video, click on the Information Window on the video page to open the PC Registration Page.

Q.Sound gap in Video for PC

VR Videos require specifications of PCs due to problems such as resolution.
Please confirm whether the following OculusRift recommended environment is satisfied.
If it is less than this, the sound may be misaligned.
Video Card  : NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 290 equivalent or later (excluding mobile)
CPU      : Intel i5-4590 equivalent or greater
Memory    : 8GB以上
Video Output : Compatible HDMI 1.3 video output
OS      : Windows 8,8.1,10.(Unexpected trouble may occur in Windows 7.)
OculusRift official recommended environment (see Recommended Spec page)

Please contact us from the inquiry form if sound misalignment is satisfied even if it meets the above specifications.

Q. A-10 Cyclone SA doesn't sync with D-PLAYER

If your A-10 Cyclone SA does sync with the VORZE Player, but not with D-PLAYER,
changing the COM port number of the USB transmitter/receiver might sync them.

This problem, and a request for a fix, has been relayed to the software engineers, it may take some time.

We are sorry to ask you to do this, but the COM port number can be changed by the user via the Device Manager.

1. Insert the USB receiver into the PC USB port, the A-10 Cyclone SA will start up.

2. Open Device Manager
 * How to Open Device Manager
  Start→Computer, right click →click on Properties
  →Menu on left, click on Device Manager

3. Device Manager double click on "Port (COM and LPT)

4. Double click on Vorze_USB (COM??) (There will be a number in place of the ??)

5. On the Properties page double click on Port Setting, click on Advanced Settings button.

6. On the bottom of the open screen you can select COM Port Number. Select a single-digit number that does not have (in use) label, click the OK button.

In the event that all single-digit Port numbers have the (in use) label:
Return to step 3 above, pick another device that has a single-digit COM Port Number, follow the procedure again, change it to a double-digit number.
Return to step 3 above again, give Vorze_USB the single-digit number that has come available.

After the above changes, start up D-PLAYER and confirm synchronization.

In addition, when using USB 3.0 compatible equipment in the periphery, radio interference may occur and it may not work well.
If you are using a USB 3.0 compliant device, please use the USB cable shielded around the connector and the whole of the cable and install the device itself at a distance of about 1 m and try.

Q. How do I cancel Notification Emails?

In order to cancel receipt of Notification emails (DM), after login, click on the My Page link at the top of the Site,
at the bottom of the page find Notification Email Settings, select Not Receive and click Receive Settings Change.

At the bottom of the Notification Emails is a link Mail Service Change Page,
click here and login, click Registered Information Confirmation, and My Page will be displayed, follow as above.

Q. Why does a separate window pop up on PLAY?

LPEG displays information from the video studio and actors/actresses.
If it is unneeded, you can close the window.
If you click here, you can automatically open the homepage.
Also, if you get a new PC, or want to change the PC you use to view, you can do that procedure from this window.
To go to the change procedure page, click on the link below to download a video,
click on the Information Window on the video page to open.

Q. What if I copy the file and give it to someone?

If you play it on a PC not registered to the person who bought the video, the video will be scrambled.
The audio will also cut out in places.
You can get a rough idea of the content, if you decide to purchase, click on the Message Window to start the Purchase Procedure.(LPEG Required)
If purchase is completed, video and audio scrambling will be removed.

Q. Which browser should I use to purchase videos on this site?

As of April 2016, we support almost all browsers.
LPEG function has been verified on Windows 8, 8.1, 10.(Unexpected trouble may occur in Windows 7.)
LPEG function has been verified on Mac OS, Unix OS etc.

Q. Any other features?

LPEG supports +1D, which synchonizes videos and toys(if toy are also +1D compatible)
Click here for details.