Frequently Asked Questions and the Answers

Recommended PC specifications.

Recommended PC specifications for using our services are as follows.

1. CPU: Core i5 or better, or equivalent processor.
2. Memory: 8GB or above (16GB or more is recommended)
3. Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher
4. GeForce 960 series or later (We recommend the use of GeForce 970 series or later, excluding the models for mobile use)
5. OS: Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows10(You may encounter unexpected issues with Windows 7)
* Not compatible with Macintosh(You may use the BOOTCAMP).
* Windows8 or later is recommended.

For playing back 4K Takumi, we recommend the use of 7th gen processors.
Please confirm the specification of your PC.

What are "Takumi" and "HQ" ?

Takumi is a series of ultimate VR movies that implement twice the frame rate(60fps) or an ordinary movie, more than twice the fidelity (3K screen resolution) , and the story mode.

 D-Player must be version 2.1 or higher to view Takumi series on PC.
 Also, do not change the name of the downloaded files or interlock devices do not correspond.
 Occasionally, when you start playing back, you only see a black screen, etc. If this is the case, please open the file again after installing
 free coded software such as LAV Filters, etc.Download LAV Filters from here ( link).
 Also, Android may fail to download 3K and 4AK video files due to its size. When this happens, please download the content to your PC first, then copy it to the Android's "Movies" folder.

HQ series movies for smartphones are adjusted for specific software. They can only be played back by VRX or DimensionPlayer.
If you cannot watch HQ movies with VRX, try "player registration" from "my page" tab.
If you cannot watch HQ movies with DimensionPlayer, try logging in again, and if you see a dialog that prompts you to register the player, choose "Yes."
Not all smartphone models are compatible with HQ movies, mostly because of screen resolution issues.

D-Player won't play mp4 files.

In the default state, Windows does not have H.264 and H.265 decoders installed. You need to install decoders, such as LAV Filters, separately.
Please refer to LAV Filters here. (LAV Filters, link)

In rare cases, these codec packs may not be available on D-Player even if they are installed.
D-Player basically plays mp4 using the codec provided by the Windows side, so if the codec that can be used normally from the Windows side is not provided, it will not play well.
Such priority is different in each computer, depending on installed software.
Please download and use Win7DSFilterTweaker from below link and configure "Preferred decoders" for H.264, H.265, and mp4v to LAV Filters before attempting to playback our contents.
About Win7DSFilterTweaker(

Note for payment statement of your credit card.

Corresponding devices.

Please check the table from the link below to see if your device is compatible.

What is "Story playback mode"?

in "Story playback mode", the footage branches during its playback.

We have implemented "selection mode" in our VR movies. In "selection mode," depending on where you look,your branch is determined.
For example, if the actress asks you, "where do you want to touch me?" If you see her breast, you are branched to breast touching route. If you see her panties, you are branched to the route to touch her panties.

Your player needs our authorization to play contents in "story playback mode." If you do not see any choices during playback,
please log in to our services from your smartphone, go to "my page," then register your device from "player registration for smartphones."

Note for our fixed-rate subscription online streaming services.

We have established a new "fixed-rate subscription for VR" service. Please check out our introductory page.

To subscribe to our fixed-rate service, click or tap one of our titles. You can subscribe to each title's description pages.

We recommend you to have an internet connection speed of 15-20Mbps or faster to run our fixed-rate service smoothly.

Cancellation of fixed-rate online streaming service.

To cancel the fixed-rate service, you must access the L-POINT website.
Please follow the below steps for cancellation.

1)Sign in to L-POINT website.
2)From the menu, select "Monthly contracts" to display your current subscription /> 3)Select "Update cancel" on the service you wish to unsubscribe.
4)A confirmation screen is displayed. Push "Update cancel" to cancel the subscription.
5)Go back to your "Monthly contracts" page to confirm that your Automatic updating status is set to "Automatic update OFF".

The cancellation is complete.

If the "Automatic Update OFF" status does not appear, please contact us from the inquiry.

I want to use my Oculus Go or GearVR to watch VR contents.

Please refer to the following link for using Oculus GO and GearVR.

Click here for using Oculus GO and GearVR.

The next chapter of my purchased item doesn't start.

After the current part has finished and faded out to the black, the next chapter should automatically start(File jumping function).
Please wait after the current part finishes. It may take time to load the next chapter, depending on your internet connection speed.
To playback, a movie requires space in your data storage. Please ensure that you have a reasonably large amount of space left.

I can't download movies with VRX.

Occasionally, there are cases when VRX is updated, or when it is re-installed, the player ID changes and your device can no longer be authorized.
Please login from your smartphone's browser and register your device again from "Player registration" area of "my page" tab, then try to download your movies again.

can I use my PSVR?

Currently, we are updating our Takumi series to correspond with PSVR.
For the list of corresponding movies, please refer to "PSVR ready titles""PSVR ready titles" from our homepage.

D-Player Version 2.12 crashes every time I try to load files.

We have acknowledged that in some Windows 10 environment, D-Player 2.12 crashes.
We are currently working on resolving the issue. However, we have yet to discover the cause.
We have reported that Version 2.05 works without the same issue.
Please download version 2.05 to enjoy our contents until further notice.

Notes for H.265 corresponding smartphones.

If your smartphone is H.265 ready, you can download H.265 movies from "H.265 smartphone version" download link.
If your smartphone is not H.265 ready, please download other movies from "smartphone version" download link.

The following is the list of devices that corresponds to H.265 files.

*Galaxy S6 or later series.
* XperiaTM Z2 SO-03F or later series.
* AQUOS ZETA SH-04F or later series.
* ARROWS NX F-05F or later series.

(Note: Depending on a model, not every device on the list is compatible with H.265.
  When you purchase your smartphone, please confirm whether if the model officially supports H.265 or not.Please also note that your smartphone needs to be compatible with gyro-sensors.)

(* Currently in iPhone series, only iPhone6 and iPhone7 are compatible with downloading contents.
 H.265 movies for smartphones may not be compatible with iPhones yet. In such cases, please download
 H.264 files. Also please note, that iPhone5s or earlier models are not compatible with our services.

(* Occasionally, on Galaxy S6, VR+1D interlocking function may not work.)

Q. What are the symbols on the items description pages?

The symbols represent the following meanings.

Q. How do I purchase the items?

To purchase items on our website, you must sign up.
You can sign up from a dedicated screen for "new registration."
You can choose from either using L-POINTS to purchase our items.
When you purchase items with your PC, you need to download your purchased items with VRX Media player or DimensionPlayer by scanning the QR code which is displayed when you purchase.

You can purchase L-POINT from "my page" tab, using your credit card.

You need to install D-PLAYER to view items due to our movie and sound protection codec.
Please download and install D-PLAYER from the following link.

As of 9th of June, 2017, Our users report that D-PLAYER version 2.1 and later crashes when you try to playback a movie using Oculus. We are currently investigating the cause of the issue.
If you would like to report the same issue for possible solutions, please provide us with the specification of your PC,and other Oculus compatible software installed on your PC. Also, there are cases where the issue is resolved simply by re-connecting Oculus. You may want to try that before contacting us.

* When using OculusRift, please use the latest runtimes.
* When OculusRift and HTC Vive are both connected to your PC simultaneously, OculusRift is prioritized.
* Due to the screen resolution, VR movies require a fast PC. Please check if your PC meets the minimal requirement of OculusRift.

After installing D-PLAYER, please play the movie file for registering your PC and log in from the screen that opens from the information window.
You may download the movie for registering your PC from the below link.

Even if you do not use the movie file mentioned above, the same screen for registering your PC is displayed from the information window on your first launch after the installation.
So please log in to your account.

You must register your device if you are using smartphones to use our services so that it can correspond to interlocking signals.
If you are using VRX, access "Registering your device: For smartphones." via "my page" and click on a button that corresponds to your device and the player.
Please confirm that the player is terminated before registration. If the player is active, the registration process may fail.

When you use DimensionPlayer, it asks you to whether if you would like to register the player at the time of logging in, so select "yes" to proceed and register the player.

Q.I forgot my ID and/or password.

Q.I would like to change the PC to playback contents.

LPEG encoded files can only be played back from authorized devices. If you wish to change the PC to watch the contents,
Click the information window on your purchased items. A screen to confirm the change in registered PC is displayed.
You may change the PC from that screen. After confirming the change, you can log in to your account with another PC and playback your contents.
(Only if you are a registered member. Also, you need to wait for 24 hours before changing to a different PC again.)
Also, you can change the PC to watch the content from the website that opens via the information window of the movie file which you can download from the following link.

(* You can only set one PC to watch contents at a time.)

Q.In D-PLAYER, the movie is tilted.

D-PLAYER sets the direction that the player is facing at the time of boot, as the center.
Press the "R" key, and the moment you pressed it, the way it is faced is set as the center.

Q.Can I use my smartphones or other cell phones?

To download movies with your smartphones, you must first purchase an item with a PC, then download the content by scanning the provided QR code with your smartphone.
Please click here for the player.
We currently recommend DimensionPlayer to view contents, since it has the best compatibility with other interlocking devices.
DimensionPlayer and VRX Media player is the only media players that are compatible with interlocking devices.
A gyro-sensor is necessary for viewing VR movies. Please check if your smartphone has it installed.

Movies encoded with H.265 format can only be seen with compatible smartphone models.
If your model is not specified as H.265 compatible, please watch the lower resolution version instead.
Please click here for scanning QR codes.

Q.I want to change my smartphone for viewing contents.

If you use DimensionPlayer, please log in to our website from the login screen of DimensionPlayer. After login, DimensionPlayer asks you whether if you would like to register your device as the player. Choose "Yes" to complete the changing process. If you are using VRX, log in to your account using the smartphone you want to use and access the smartphone registration webpage.
Before you begin, please make sure that VRX is terminated.
Then if you are using iPhones, click on "VRX registration for iPhones" or "VRX registration for Android," depending on your device, to register your device.
After the above procedure, reload the registration page to confirm the "registered player."
If it is updated, the registration is complete.
You may download your purchased items again after the confirmation.

(* You may change the device to view our contents, however, you may only register one device at a time.)
* Currently, you may download VR movies whenever necessary.)

Q.I can't download with VRX app on my smartphone.

Occasionally, there are issues where the initial boot after the installation fail and downloading movies by scanning QR code cease to function. In such cases, please uninstall the app, and please re-install, reboot, and download your items again in an environment where there is no interference in your internet connection.
You may also try the above procedure after canceling the registration of your player, to confirm by checking if "the registered player" is displayed or not.
the registration process did not succeed. You need to uninstall the player then follow the above procedure to change your device again.

Q.How much does it cost for signing up?

Signing up for membership is free of charge.
If you wish to purchase point, you may do so after signing up, signing in and moving to "my page" section.

Q. I can't play the video.

All our movies are encoded by the codec called LPEG, which features a function to protect piracy.
LPEG codec is distributed for free along with D-PLAYER.
If you have not installed it yet, you may do so from here.
You may also use players such as GOM player or WindowsMediaPlayer to view the videos.
The videos are compatible with Windows7, 8, 8.1, and 10. They are not compatible with macOS, cellphones, or UNIX based OS.
If you cannot view the videos even after you install the D-PLAYER, it is possible that you have not yet registered your PC. From the following link, please download a movie file and open the information window from it, then jump to a website to register your PC.

Q.The video and audio are not in sync. What can I do?

VR movies, due to their high-fidelity, require a fast PC for viewing.
Please check if your PC meets the following requirement for OculusRift.
If any of the specifications are not met, the video and the audio may not sync.
Video Card  : NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 290 or equivalent or later models, excluding devices for mobile use.
CPU      : Intel i5-4590 or equivalent or greater
Memory    : 8GB or more
Video Output : HDMI 1.3 or compatible video output
OS      : Windows 7 SP1 64 bit or later.

If the video and the audio do not sync even if your PC meets the requirement, please contact us from the "contact us" section.

Q.A-10 Cyclone SA doesn't interlock with D-Player.

If your A-10 Cyclone SA works with VORZE Player but not with D-Player,
the issue may be solved by changing the COM port number of the USB transmitter.

The developers are already aware of this issue and currently preparing for updates.
This may take time, and we cannot tell you exactly when the update is going to take place as of this moment.

You can change the COM port number from the Device Manager of Windows.
Please try the following procedures to solve the issue.

1. Connect the USB receiver to your computer's USB port and start the A-10 Cyclone SA.

2. Open the Device Manager.
 * To open the Device Manager, click "Start," then right-click "Computer" then select "property."
  Then from the property menu shown on the left side of the screen, click "Device Manager."

3. Double click where it says "Port(COM and LPT)" to display its property.

4. Double click "Vorze_USB(COM**)" (** can be any numbers)

5. In the property screen, click the "port settings" tab then click "Advanced" button.

6. You can select the "COM port number" from the bottom area of "Advanced" screen.
select the number less than 10, and that does not indicate being in use, then click "OK."

If all the port numbers with a single digit are in use, open one of their properties, then set the port number to anything above 10, then configure the COM port number of Vorze_USB to the number you just freed.

After applying the above changes, start D-Player and check if the interlock function works.

Please also note, that if you are using USB 3.0 compliant devices nearby, there are cases which the interlocking device cease to function due to the radio wave interference.
If you must use USB 3.0 compliant devices, please use USB cables that are shielded, and separate each device from each other more than 1 meter.

Q.A-10 Cyclone SA does not interlock with VRX Media Player.

If your A-10 Cyclone SA works with VORZE Player for PC, but not with VRX Media Player,
there is a possibility that the player ID for VRX Media Player is not yet registered.
Terminate VRX Media Player, then log in to "my page" from your smartphone's browser.
From "Player registration for smartphones" page, start VRX Media Player by clicking the button that corresponds to your smartphone's OS, to complete the registration.
Now, tap "Search devices" from "Peripherals" in "Settings" to check if "CycSA" is displayed.
If it is, and the device's LED has turned from white to blue, it is correctly in sync.
You may also try disconnecting any Bluetooth transmitters that are connected to your PC.
Last but not least, make sure that your smartphone is connected to the internet.
The interlocking function requires an internet connection for its operation.
* When you see "Play VR" or "Intelligent playback" at the start of a video, the registration and interlocking should be successful.

in Android, authorization of Bluetooth connection is included in the authorization of the use of location information.
Please check if VRX is authorized to use the location information. Occasionally, because of Android issues,it may seem like it is authorized, but it is not. If it is displayed as authorized but cannot make Bluetooth connection,terminate VRX, then cancel the authorization of VRX, then restart it to authorize the use of information, again.

Please also note, that if you are using USB 3.0 compliant devices nearby, there are cases which the interlocking device cease to function due to the radio wave interference.
if you must use USB 3.0 compliant devices, please use USB cables that is shielded, and separate each device from each other more than 1 meter.

Q.How do I stop receiving e-mails from you?

To stop receiving our direct e-mails, log in to our website, then from "my page" linked at the top.
scroll down until you find "notification settings," open it and set it to "cancel e-mail subscription."
The same webpage for settings is displayed if you open one of the e-mails sent from us, log in from "changing e-mail address" page,and click "confirm membership."

Q.Why does a different window pop up when I play the video?

LPEG is configured to display the name of developers or actors/actresses starring in the video.
You may close the window at your discretion.
If you click the pop-up window, you can quickly jump to our homepage.
Also, if you change your PC for viewing your contents, you may register your new PC from the same window.
If you wish to open the page for making changes, you can use the information window displayed by playing back the video which you can download from the following link.

Q. Can I copy the video and give it to other people?

Noise is inserted into the movie occasionally if it is played back on a PC other than that of the person who purchased.
The sound also stutters.
You can roughly check the video, and if you would like to download it, click the message window for purchasing procedure(You need LPEG to be installed beforehand).
Once the purchase procedure is complete, the video and the audio is correctly decoded.

Q.Which web browser should I use to purchase items?

As of April 2016, our service is compatible with almost every web browser.
Also, LPEG is compatible with Windows7, 8, 8.1, and 10.
Our service is not yet guaranteed to be compatible with macOS and UNIX based OS.

Q.Any other feature I would be interested in?

LPEG is compatible with +1D signal that lets other gadgets and devices interlock with our movies.
For details, please click here.

Q Is the full spherical video, not just semi-spherical video, scheduled to be released?

Our movies cover 220 degrees around you, that is far wider than the average 180 degrees video. Moreover, you can take a look around for a seamless picture.
The technology to compress spherical videos to a much smaller size is also currently under development.