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Terms of Use

This Terms of Use will be applied to all transactions between Festa Interational 'The Company', Adult Festa,
  the video download site it operates 'The Site', and users of the site 'Members'.

Article 1 Scope of Terms and Modifications

The Firm may, through The Site, announce new terms at any time and make modifications to existing terms.
The Firm may, through display on The Site, make changes to Terms of Use, any regulations, and pricing
  without consent of the Members.

Article 2 Members

Members are defined as people who agree to the Terms of Use and use The Site.

Article 3 Member's Personal Information

The information stored related to member registration and authorization will be used as follows:

  • Purchase Invoice
  • in providing service from the Firm and Related Companies.
  • to confirm member identity if requested by Member
  • statistical data with personal member information obfuscated

With the exception of the cases below, the Firm will not share your personal information with 3rd parties.

  • -as necessary in the provision of service from The Site(credit card authorization)
  • -with permission of the Member
  • -under court order
  • -in order to protect people and property, when it is not possible to receive permission of Member.
  • -in order to protect public health and childrens' welfare, when it is not possible to receive permission of Member.
  • -in order to cooperate with a government agency, regional public organization, or agent of such acting under court order,
      when receiving the permission of the Member would influence an ongoing investigation.

Articl 4 Provision of Service

The service provided by the Site is the content and programs of the Site at any given time.
The Firm reserves the right to change the content of service and programs at any time without permission of Members.
The Firm reserves the right to temporarily suspend or cease operation of the Site without prior notice for the following reasons: regular maintenance, unscheduled maintenance, natural disaster, housing failure, any other reason at discretion of the Firm.
The Firm reserves the right to cease operation of the Site at its discretion, with 30 days prior notice.
Said Notice of Cessation of Operation will be conveyed to Members through means available to the Firm.
The Firm, Content Providers, and Programmers accept no liability for damages to Members or Third party due to delay, temporary stoppage, or cessation of the Site, for any any reason whatsoever.
Members agree to view content on the Site at their own responsibility, and judge for themselves the trustworthiness, accuracy and value of the Content.

Article 5 Restriction of Transfer

Members may not, copy, forward, or transfer etc. data in whole or in part Site data or Content, to third parties for their use or for commercial purposes.
The only exception being when the proper purchase process has been completed.

Article 6 Restrictions about Registering Information

Member may not register or upload information or content as per below:

  • -in violation of laws and/or public order and morality
  • -leads to, related to, or suggest criminal behavior
  • infringes on copyright of Member or Third Party, trade secrets, libelous or scandalous content,
      content that infringes on human rights, content that infringes on image rights.
  • -any content that will harm, damage, abuse Members and Third Parties
  • -anything that interferes with the smooth operation of the Site
  • -The Firm reserves the right to invoice and collect damages from any Member
      who through violation of these Terms of Use causes damages to the Firm, Content Providers, or Programmers.

Article 7 Deletion of Inappropriate Registered Information

The Firm reserves the right to delete any information or content that
  violates the Terms of Use or appears to violate the Terms of Use with no prior notification to the Member.

Article 8 Payment of Fees

Method to pay for Usage Fees are as below:

  • -Payment by credit card
    *Credit card authorization will be performed by an authorization agent.
      Payment will be made due to the Terms of the via Credit Cards issued by Credit Card Companies recognized by the Firm.
  • -Payment by L-POINT
    *L-POINT Members may make purchases using L-POINTs purchased in advance.
      For more information about L-POINT and L-POINT Membership, please visit the L-POINT webpage.

In the event of a dispute between Member(s) and Financial Institution(s), the Related Parties must solve the dispute,
  the Firm takes no responsibility under any circumstances. The Firm will provide service promptly upon authorization of purchase.
No refunds under any circumstances.

Article 9 Jurisdiction

In the event of a dispute between the Firm and a Member the Tokyo Regional Court has jurisdiction over the case.

Last revised October 1, 2011

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