Takumi Series - The best image quality project in the history of adult VR

"Takumi Project" is ...

We have shot thousands of VR contents by our staff and have been leading the Japanese VR industry.

Our team of engineers and manufacturers have started the Takumi Project to lead the Japanese adult industry in the world, without regard to cost and profitability, aiming for the ultimate VR that only our site can produce.

We added 4D-VR, and the picture quality is not pseudo-realistic at 60fps, which is worthy of the name Adult Festa VR.

It is the "Takumi" video.

"Takumi" is a project that aims to be the world's strongest and best extreme by uniting the quality and 4D-VR that can only be experienced on this site.

Improved Frame Rate

60fpsについてのイメージ画像 30fpsについてのイメージ画像

The video is produced at 60fps, twice the frame rate of a traditional adult fiesta at 30fps, and the doubling of the frame rate makes the video much smoother.

In the case of VR, it's important to see how the images in the head-mounted display "synchronize" with the movement of your head.

When you actually experience this difference in VR, you will feel the difference more overwhelming than you can imagine.

"3K" to "4K", a high bit rate with no loss of image quality.

4K60fpsについてのイメージ画像 3K60fpsについてのイメージ画像

The angle of view is wider than before and you can enjoy even more beautiful and smooth VR images.

The higher the image quality, the more realistic and immersive the feeling becomes and you will forget that you are wearing a HMD.

*If you can't see 60fps, please watch the normal version.
*Some devices don't support 4K. Please check the specifications of the device you are using before purchasing videos.

Takumi Streaming

Streaming smooth video!
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About unlimited streamingのイメージ画像

You can watch high quality "Takumi" videos without downloading or worrying about how much space you have on your device!

Offered in high quality (60fps), which is twice as high as traditional streaming (30fps)!
You'll enjoy streaming yet high quality video!

*Some devices may not be compatible with the resolution. Please check the specifications of the device you are using before purchasing the video.
*We recommend that you check the operation before using this product.

Takumi + (Plus)


What is Color Correction?

Color Correction is a function that corrects the color temperature during shooting, changes the color tones depending on the shooting scene to convey the atmosphere and emotions of the scene, and corrects the colors to match the color tones between multiple scenes.
Color Correction means correcting colors during the signal processing and editing stages.
映像処理前のイメージ画像 カラコレ処理後のイメージ画像

Before processing, the overall edges are blurred. Especially if you compare the background, the sharpness of the line is much different.

In addition, by adjusting light and color, a woman's skin looks smooth and colorful like a ceramic, which makes it look more real and realistic when viewed with HMD.

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