VR+1D スマートフォン用プレイヤー

About VR+1D add-on function

3D Image

Adult Festa VR will be delivered entirely in 3D to maximize the appeal of the work.

Goods Interlocking

The video will be synchronized with goods from ROCKET+1D, Piston SA+, U.F.O.SA, and more!

Smart Playback

Only available in dedicated players.
VR images are played back on a 2D screen.

Story Playback

By inserting "junction points" into the VR images, you can enjoy the images as if you were playing a simulation game.

Multilingual subtitling

Multilingual subtitle function for Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean. Simply look at the flag to switch.

chapter function

You can easily jump to each scene by simply selecting a thumbnail when operating the menu!

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